Welcome to Adventure Mountain National Park, a place full of fun and excitement around every corner! Children from 1st through 6th grade are welcome to join Ranger Grant and his crew as Jr. Rangers as we learn from our Adventure Mountain field guides (a.k.a. the Bible) what it looks like to embark on the greatest adventure ever which is following Jesus. We’ll make new friends and possibly catch a glimpse of the mysterious Memory Verse Marmot who only comes around for a good Bible verse. And so the adventure begins!


Nursery (ages 6wks thru 24mo) is where our sweet babies at LCC get lots of love. In Nursery class we sing songs, dance, and help our babies to learn about the world around them with toys, books and gentle care. We teach them the bible lesson by sharing a short story and repeating 2-3 words from that story throughout class time. Special instructions for your baby’s care are welcome.

2-3 Year Olds

TLC (Toddler’s Loving Christ, ages 2 & 3yrs old) is full of character and fun. We know these children are busy bees, so we have fun games for them to play, and crafts every Sunday. Our bible lesson is always taught while they have a snack or when they color to help them focus on the story. TLC kids are in the season of learning some basic class rules, like “Share with others”, “Be Kind”, “Listen & Obey”. Our teacher’s top priority is to love on the kids and make them feel accepted and deeply cared for, so much so that they can’t wait to come back week after week.

4-5 Year Olds

Wee Worship, ages 4 thru Kinder, is our big kids class who are growing up fast. The class play time is a great way to teach them the blessings God gives us with toys and friendship, and that everything, even toys, belong to God. They practice sharing, being kind, and listening. Story time is engaging as they sit together at the table to hear the bible lesson. There are weekly crafts, colorings, and play dough to help keep them focused while listening to their teacher. The most important goal at WW is for our children to experience the love of God in a real way and our wonderful teachers do such a great job at this!