Calendar Policy & Procedure

Effective June 1st, 2017, any event that is to be added to the Life Community Church Calendar must adhere to the following policy and procedure set into place and agreed upon by the executive leadership. Failure to follow said protocol may result in denial or delay of the desired event being added to the official church calendar.

All events must require a calendar request form to be filled out and submitted for approval by the Senior or Executive pastor.

All event request should be made no less than 15 days prior to the date of the event. Special consideration may be given at the discretion of the Senior or Executive Pastors.

All non-church events are subject to a $100 cleaning fee. Additionally, a $25 deposit for a set of keys must also be made and will be refunded upon return of keys.

If a staff person is required to be present to run lighting or sound, payment of $100 will be required for the first two hours of the event and an additional $25 must be added for each additional hour. This only applies to events that are not officially sponsored by Life Community Church.

Any damages to any church property will become the responsibility of the party and adequate compensation must be made directly to the church.

Any request to reserve a date on the calendar for an official church function must first be approved by the appropriate department head prior to being submitted to executive leadership for final approval.

Any event may be canceled or postponed at the discretion of the executive leadership of Life Community Church.

At no point can any event deviate from the requested date, time or room that has been requested except by prior approval from the executive leadership.