Isabel Waldron

Born in Southern California, Isabel moved to Texas when she was 10. She loves Texas and can’t imagine being anywhere else.  Isabel and her wonderful husband, John, were married in 1999, and has three amazing children!  In addition to leading the generationNEXT ministry, she is a stay at home mom, works part time at a private school and volunteer at her children’s schools.  Her passion for working with children began at a young age, when she was a candy striper for a children’s hospital in her teens, volunteered for a teen suicide hotline in her early twenties, and a church volunteer for many years throughout working with children and teens.  She believes that each child has a plan and purpose created especially for their specific gifts & talents.  God entrusts us to set the stage for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.  She loves getting to know the different personalities of the little ones and watching them grow at LCC. She loves spending time with her family – reading, walking, going to the park, etc. And her daughter and her enjoy crafting and she loves to sew.

You can contact Isabel at