Randy Huett

If you ask most people what they like about our pastor they will say, ”authenticity”. Which is to say, he is spiritual without being religious. There is a difference. He is consistent and is the same when he is up front teaching and when he is not.  That does get him into a little hot water some times, but seems to be one of the characteristics of his personality that people usually like. Just a regular guy, called of God to be a pastor and a teacher.  If you are looking for a smoothly run church machine, this will probably not be your cup of tea. But, if you are looking for real people who are trying to learn how to love and live for God and to love each other, then you’ll probably fit right in here.  We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh a lot, we cry sometimes and we rejoice a lot. Really we are just a bunch of messed up people, saved by the awesome grace, love and mercy of God trying to help each other grow up and learn to trust God more and more.

Randy has been married to Tina, since 1976 and they have three grown children Landon, Lauren and Logan and one dog, who thinks she is a child, named Moxie.

You can contact Randy at randy@lifecommunitychurch.com or at the office at 972.226.8808.

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